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Selling your Lotus privately can be costly and attract time-wasters, but we have a quick and easy way to sell your car! We have brought together the best car buying solutions in one place so you can sell your Lotus for the best price.

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"Adding power makes you faster on the straights; subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere." This adage, along with similar famous quotes by Lotus founder, Colin Chapman, summarises the Lotus minimalist formula for building powerful, light-weight, streamlined sports-cars.


Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman, gifted engineer and racing-driver, founded Lotus Cars in 1952. He graduated from London University College with a degree in structural engineering in 1949. He had already built his first racing-car, using just a power drill and practising his panel-beating skills, in a garage! He built his second car, the first race-winning Lotus (Wrotham Cup, 1950), in the same garage while he was serving in the RAF. He went on to work for the British Aluminium company, gaining knowledge and insight about aircraft engine technology and learning to appreciate the lightness and ductility of aluminium, which was to become the "materia prima" of Lotus car construction.

Circuit racing, Team Lotus, Group Lotus

The first Lotus-branded racing car, the lightweight aluminium-bodied Lotus Mark 3 which reached a top speed of 90mph, appeared in 1951. Team Lotus, formed in 1954, had instant success in international motor racing. 1957 saw the arrival of the Lotus Seven which, curiously enough, was available also as a kit. The cost was kept low, there were no frills or luxury, but performance was high and the Lotus Seven proved a very popular car; a modified form of this car is still available today. Chapman established Group Lotus in 1958.

Formula One

The first Formula One Lotus was the new Lotus 12 model, actually designed for racing in Formula Two; its performance was so dynamic that it went on to compete in Formula One, coming in fourth at Spa. Lotus also triumphed at Le Mans. During the decades 1960-1980, Lotus had numerous Formula One victories, thanks to inspired design (lightness and power) and legendary drivers like Stirling Moss.

Lotus road-cars

In 1962, there were four Lotus racing-cars and one road-car, the Elan Roadster, in production until 1973. The Elan hard-top version arrived in 1965 and rear seats were added in 1967. Lotus felt the energy crisis to a lesser degree during the 1970s, due to its bare-essentials, lightweight car-construction policy, and produced the Elite and the Esprit, which featured in a Bond film. The Excel arrived in 1982, the same year that Colin Chapman died. He took with him the secret of where the name 'Lotus' originated, which remains a mystery. He left his engineering heritage and his lightweight philosophy: "simplify, then add lightness". His presence is still evident in the Lotus badge; that indecipherable jumble of letters are his initials.

Lighter and faster

The latest Lotus super-light sports-cars have been carefully designed to be even lighter and faster than ever. The new models are the Evora 400, the Elise Sport and the Exige Sport 350. These lighter, faster vehicles are destined to capture the hearts of not only Lotus fans. All sporty drivers out there who wish to upgrade to lighter-and-faster will find our services really useful. We specialise in buying elite sports-cars, and eliminate the hassle of selling/trading that older version. Take a moment to complete our enquiry form for more information on our expert services.

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