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Selling your Audi privately can be costly and attract time-wasters, but we have a quick and easy way to sell your car! We have brought together the best car buying solutions in one place so you can sell your car for the best price.

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Auto Union

August Horch founded his Horch car-construction business in 1904. In 1909, following discord within the company, he left and established a second company: Horch Automobilwerke. He was not permitted to use the same “Horch” name so, after consultation, he translated the name to Latin. Horch means “listen, hark”, which translates to “audi” in Latin. 1910 saw the production of the first Audi automobiles, the Type A, followed by the Type B. In 1932, Audi and three other car-constructors merged to form Auto Union, based in Chemnitz, Saxony; the four rings of their logo represent the four companies. Between 1932-1939 Auto Union expanded, and made significant progress in developing automatic transmissions. Their most successful car was the sporty, high-technology Audi 920, launched in 1938. The last Auto Union civilian cars were built in 1940; then Audi's name disappeared from the new-car market for over twenty years.

Post-war destinies

After WWII, the Auto Union automobile plant, at Zwickau, East Germany, was expropriated by Soviet occupying forces. The factory was plundered; cars, parts and machinery were shipped back to Moscow. Amongst the war-booty were some engineering jewels: eighteen technically-advanced, high-performance racing-cars had been hidden in a mine. Upon discovery, they were also expedited to Moscow, where they were ransacked and dissected by Soviet technicians to lay bare their technological secrets. Three of these cars have been painstakingly recovered; one is on display at the Audi Museum. In 1948, Auto Union was forcibly cancelled from the Chemnitz official trade register and company management repaired to Bavaria, where they founded new premises in Ingolstadt. Meanwhile, back in Zwickau, the former Audi factory was re-started; it constructed pre-war models, and also produced the famously mediocre, malfunctioning Trabant.

Based in Ingolstadt, Germany, Audi is part of the Volkswagen Group. Audi is renowned for its innovative Quattro concept and for its technically advanced (their slogan means “advancement through technology”) luxury automobiles and sports-cars. Strongly sporty, Audi is a dominant presence in Le Mans 24h racing.


Audi re-captured centre stage in 1980, sparking excitement with Audi Quattro ('Four', like the rings in the logo). Quattro was the first production car with permanent four-wheel-drive operation, and the Quattro concept also triumphed in racing. Audi set new standards with its Audi 80 in 1986, with ten-year rust-proof guarantees and exceedingly low fuel consumption. In 1988, it produced its first deluxe-class automobile, the Audi V8. Since 1990, Audi has experienced an upward trend, bolstered by the success of new, high-technology sports-cars: the TT Coupé and TT Roadster, launched in 1998-1999.

Audi today

The new Audi cars are mostly up-to-the-minute, third-generation versions of well-established Audi models, like the popular Audi A4 and the R8 sports-car, and there are 48 of them! If you are an Audi driver thinking of upgrading to a newer model, our services could interest you. We buy luxury vehicles and sports-cars and take care of them extremely well; we also handle all documentation and practicalities, a complete service. Fill out our simple enquiry form for more information.

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